Lori PourierLori Pourier (Oglala/Mnicoujou Lakota)
(605) 348-0324

Lori has a vision for strengthening Native communities through culture and arts, and has been dedicated to this vision all her life. Throughout her career, she has been able to use different tools and strategies to realize this vision.

As president of First Peoples Fund, her efforts are  focused on helping to enhance Native communities and bring new philanthropic resources into Native communities--and to Native artists and culture bearers directly. The grants provided by First People Fund provide critical resources and recognition for Native artists and this recognition has served to leverage other resources--and honors--for these same artists. 

Lori is a recognized leader in the Native arts and philanthropic field and in that position is often called upon to consult and advise mainstream foundations in their Native grantmaking. Her past board positions include Grantmakers in the Arts, Red Cloud Indian School, Native Americans in Philanthropy, Honor the Earth Fund, Chinook Fund, Western Native Arts Federation, and Native Indian Business Association. She has been staff at First Nations Development Institute, Indigenous Women’s Network and operated her own marketing consulting business. She received the Center for Social Innovation fellowship at Stanford School of Business honoring 50 outstanding arts and culture leaders.

She holds a master of science degree from Southern New Hampshire University's Graduate School of Business.