Miranne Walker 
Senior Program Manager
(605) 348-0324

Miranne has enjoyed a rewarding affiliation with First Peoples Fund since 2004. She has extensive experience in financial and marketing fields. Her professional contributions, along with her rapid growth within the organization, have all been clearly vital to the overall continuity and consistency of First Peoples Fund's program efforts. She has steadily provided efforts that reflect measureable accomplishment in the effective achievement of mission and purpose particularly as it all relates to the greater field of non-profit management and administration.

As program director, Miranne is responsible for all facets of grants management and administration to include the provision of technical assistance and support to various grantees. She is responsible for the coordination of associated program training and training curriculum, which are key aspects in meeting programmatic goals. Miranne participates in resource development, research of non-profit opportunities as well as program strategies, and the improvement of evaluation techniques. She continues to provide technology leadership that has been an invaluable resource for the organization.

Miranne has family roots on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Her goal is to provide eligible Native artists and community spirit treasurers the means to share and deepen the native art experience in sustainable profound ways and to frame success in a manner that reflects cultural expression at its best.