Image courtesy of artist

Image courtesy of artist

delia cook


TRIBE:  Akwesasne Mohawk

MEDIUM: Basketry, Regalia

LOCATION: Akwesasne, New York





Delia, a profound Native artist, whose art form ranges from traditional dress making to traditional basket making, has used to her art to give back to her community and has shown the true identity of generosity. She was born and raised in Akwesasne, NY where she currently resides with her husband. Delia is not only involved in making traditional art but has been committed to a group called “Daughters of Tradition” whose purpose is to educate young girls, on making leather dresses, baskets, and food for ceremonies.

“By bringing back the rites of passage of rites of passage for the young people, I am trying to help our community heal from the past things that have been done and taken away from us. I am using the traditional arts that I do and teach to help people gain confidence and learn to finish what they start. It makes me very proud to see the happy faces of those who work hard and make something beautiful for themselves or for someone else.” – Delia Cook

“All that Delia does through her art and teachings, she does with her whole heart for the revival of the spirits of our people and to help in the continuation of our way of life. She cares for our community unconditionally as a mother/grandmother, Turtle Clanmother, and teacher as she was taught her whole life – to give back.” – Ellyn J. Chapman, nominator