Betty Willems


Tribe: Oneida
Medium: Beadwork
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin

2013 Artist in Business Leadership Fellow

Betty's Iroquois Raised Beadwork is done using an almost extinct technique.  She uses traditional materials such as tanned deer hide, calico, navy or black wool, ribbon and glass seed beads.  Learning to sew from her mother since she was just three years old, Betty specializes in traditional men and womens's regalia.

Now owning her own business, Dreams Alive, Betty has bead circle that meets to share food, stories, patterns and help one another with projects.  The circle is an old tradition that goes back to tipis and campfires, everyone sitting around sharing stores, relaxing, while sewing or beading and passing on on their history to the children who are present.

Working with First Peoples Fund has helped Betty in the way of gaining confidence in her business qualifications as well as feeling an even greater sense of generosity in sharing her gift of talent to the public.



Betty WillemsBetty WillemsBetty WillemsBetty Willems