Charlie Hill



A member of the Oneida Tribes of Wisconsin, Charlie Hill honed his skills at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles before going on to become a true legend in stand-up comedy and to do theater, television and film. According to fellow entertainer Jennifer Kreisberg who nominated him, "Charlie has opened a door and paved a road for Native performers all over Indian Country. He is strengthening our community in his own unique ways—first and foremost is his use of humor as medicine.

Through his humor over more than 37 years in the entertainment industry, Hill has taken on topics of race, Native identity and oppression. "I feel strongly that laughter is one of the ultimate forms of quick healing," he says.

Kreisberg adds, "Charlie has been a profile and a voice for the people and for Indian Country at large through his work. He is tirelessly vaporizing the persistent stereotypes of our people."

Charlie HillCharlie HillCharlie HillCharlie Hill