G. Peter Jemison


Tribe: Seneca
Medium: Painting/Film/Video

Location: Victor, New York

2012 Community Spirit Award Honoree

Classically trained painter Peter Jemison works in painting, printmaking, lithography and woodcuts. He also directs film and video and is a “powerhouse of curatorial leadership”, according to fellow artist Linley Logan who nominated him. 

Jemison says that his art is based on his interpretation of the teachings his people have been given by their messengers over the centuries of their existence.

“I tell personal stories sometimes and other times I search for the big themes: life, creation, sustenance, belief, love, mystery, spirituality, humor, history, four seasons, and death,” Jemison says.

Logan adds, “As a contemporary artist and curator, Pete leads the creative forefront in our communities in paving the way for our artistic expression and our collective artistic opportunities.”

Besides pursuing his artistic expression, Jemison manages and lives on an historic site know as Ganondagan that was a Seneca town in the 17th Century. He describes himself as “a cultural worker”.  

“If I am successful, I can be a good example for those who are younger than me.  If my art leaves a positive impression, then I will have succeeded.”

G. Peter JemisonG. Peter JemisonG. Peter JemisonG. Peter JemisonG. Peter JemisonG. Peter Jemison