Lani Hotch


Tribe: Tlingit
Medium: Weaving, Textiles
Location: Klukwan, Alaska

2015, 2016 Cultural Capital Fellow
2011 Community Spirit Award Honoree

Lani comes from a long line of weavers in remote Southeast Alaksa.  She works primarily as a weaver in the Pacific Northwest coast style that is Chilkat, Ravenstail and contemporary interpretations of those methods. She is also a basketmaker and uses materials such as cedar and spruce root. In her  village of Klukwan, the population is less than 100 and more than 85% are native. There, Lani teaches classes in woolen weaving and felt appliqué. She says that: "By teaching these art forms, I am passing on the knowledge and skills I've learned. Students who learn these skills are then able to create their own dance regalia and hence, my teaching serves to strengthen the traditions of song and dance as well."

"Lani has demonstrated her commitment to our tribal community by being one of our greatest supporters and nurturers of our traditional knowledge and values." - Kimberley Strong, Chilkat Indian Village President.

Recently, Lani has been instrumental in the planning and construction of the Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center in Klukwan. This Heritage Center will address the goals of preserving, protecting, and perpetuating the cultural heritage of the Chilkat people. The Center will also help to addresses the village/clan’s pressing issue of where to put the precious clan treasures that are no longer housed in clan houses and the community's desire to rebuild and restore its cultural heritage.

Lani HotchLani HotchLani Hotch