Patricia Hicks


Shoshone Paiute

Donna McDonald, Director, Walker River Community Coalition, said of Patricia, “She has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and exemplifies the qualities of an elder. We are more than proud to have her in our community and coalition.”

Patricia Hicks recently returned to her birthplace on the Walker River Paiute Indian Reservation to be the song and dance leader for the Eagle Wings Dance groups from the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, Pyramid Lake, Fallon and Walker River reservations. Patricia claims, “It’s all about the enjoyment of song, dance and sharing with everyone — including the non-Indian — for a better understanding and appreciation of our people.” Since 1970, she has been teaching traditional songs and dances of the tribes but also, making traditional regalia outfits used in the dancing of the Paiute, Shoshone and Washo tribes. Among the dances she teaches are the antelope, bear, swan, and eagle. They are all unique to the Great Basin area and are rarely seen.

Work by Patricia Hicks.Work by Patricia Hicks.Work by Patricia Hicks.