churchillDelores Churchill

Ketchikan, AK

Project Description:

Delores’ project is to travel to the Canadian Museum of Civilization to photograph and study their extensive Haida basket collection. Her daughter Evelyn Wylie will be the photographer and is herself a weaver. The photographs will illustrate how each type of basket was woven differently depending upon its particular use. Delores will utilize the research and photographs in a Haida basketry book she is writing- not only about weaving but describing how the baskets were used in everyday life; the clam baskets, berry baskets, bird egg collecting baskets, and seaweed baskets. There are now fewer than ten people in her village that remember the types of baskets used in everyday life in the 1930s and 1940s.


RislingLyn Risling

Yurok, Karuk and Hupa
McKinleyville, CA

Project Description:

Lyn will create a series of 10 painting based on the traditional Karuk tribal story “Panther and His Wives” which relates how the first Girl’s puberty ceremony came to be. This will be a collaboration with Julian Lang, a published local Karuk tribal author and traditional storyteller, which will produce a bi-lingual manuscript with Lyn’s paintings illustrating the traditional stories.


pittLillian Pitt

Wasco, Warm Springs, Yakama
Portland, Oregon

Project Description:

Lyn’s project is two fold, involving the student and Museum at Warm Springs Reservation while creating a new body of work based on the petroglyphs along the Columbia River Gorge.

“This project about the Wounded Knee massacre produces feelings of guilt and shame in the non-Indian population. It produces feelings of pain in Native people. My commercial work alleviates those feelings,” asserts Short Bull.


whitemanPhillip White Man, Jr.

Northern Cheyenne
Lame Deer, MT

Project Description:

Over the years, Phillip has compiled his ancestral knowledge of Horses, developing the “Medicine Wheel Model to Natural Horsemanship”, which shares the Native American philosophies of horse training and companionship. His project will be to develop a 45 minute Video/DVD on the “Medicine Wheel Model to Natural Horsemanship”, which will share the philosophy of the Medicine Wheel and how it pertains to the horse. It is about working with your self emotionally, physically and spiritually. There is high demand for his presentations all over the country and they all ask for videos. This will allow Phillip to share his work while further developing his business and community projects.