Image courtesy of artist 

Image courtesy of artist 

jeanette "molly" parker


TRIBE: Passamaquoddy

MEDIUM: Basketry

LOCATION: Princeton, Maine




When I hold a basket of someone who has gone before, I am holding part of them and it is a link to the future and all the hands that will hold it. Art is both a way of healing by learning the discipline of basket making while being a means of expression.” – Molly Parker

“Molly is a natural leader in the resurgence of Wabanaki basketry in Maine. She has continued to make and teach traditional and contemporary styles of basketry, during times when virtually no one else was doing so. Molly is a prolific basketmaker and has strong beliefs in teaching and encouraging all aspects of the artistic practice – from the processing of the ash, to preparing sweetgrass, dying of materials and the actual weaving to be done properly and with pride.” – Theresa Secord, nominator