Image by Pember

Image by Pember

loretta webster


TRIBE: Onieda Nation of Wisconsin

MEDIUM: Beadwork

LOCATION: Greenbay, Wisconsin




Loretta has been beading for over fifty years with current concentrations in Iroquois Raised Bead Work using designs symbolizing Iroquoian culture. Raised beadwork is an integral part of the cultural history of the Oneida people and plays a strong role in defining them as Haudenosaunee Longhouse people. Loretta states, "Each time I bead an image, it reminds me to be thankful for what we have." Loretta believes that art generates positive strength in the community rather than the negative of conflict.

According to Beth Bashara of the Oneida nation Arts Program, "Loretta's generosity in sharing her talents and time is well respected and admired by many in Oneida. She is known for her wisdom and commitment to the community."