Organization to provide business expertise, marketing strategies on Colville Reservation

First Peoples Fund Native Artist Professional Development Training
Thursday, April 17 and Friday, April 18, 2014
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Nespelem Catholic Longhouse
Nespelem, Washington


Local Native artists will have the opportunity to learn how to expand their business during a free training next month.

In partnership with First Peoples Fund, a national Native organization committed to supporting and honoring American Indian artists, the Northwest Native Development Fund (NNDF) will host a two-day training on marketing, and how to leverage local resources, for artists looking to expand their work locally and nationally.

The training will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 17 and 18, 2014, at the Nespelem Catholic Longhouse in Nespelem, Washington. The training is free to artists, and advanced registration is encouraged at

"We look forward to partnering with First Peoples Fund to celebrate and support local Native artists," said Ted Piccolo, NNDF executive director. "There is a wealth of talent in the local Native arts community and we hope to partner with them to give those artists the resources they have asked for to grow and expand their work in Washington state, and beyond."

At the training, artists will learn how to market their art, set budgets and pricing structures, develop a business plan, and more.

The training will equip Native artist entrepreneurs of all ages with tools to enhance their skills, said Logan Anderson, program manager for non-profit partnerships at First Peoples Fund.

"Our hope is to guide artists in a way that helps them effectively promote their art, and establish their goals and vision," she said. "We hope that artists see the incredible potential and cultural value in their work, and will take advantage of this opportunity."

The First Peoples Fund curriculum is based on viewing the business of art as a way of cultural leadership in communities as well as a viable economic engine for individuals and families.

Tesla Gorr, program coordinator at Northwest Native Development Fund, said that this opportunity is exciting, especially because of the challenges Native artists have faced when trying to network, market and organize. The Colville Indian Reservation is almost one and half million acres, with few community arts organizations to support Native artists. The Northwest Native Development Fund is committed to helping Native artists grow, she added.

"We are a huge advocate for developing small business on the reservation, so this is reaching out to the local artists and seeing the small business opportunities for the community," she said.

Partnering with First Peoples Fund is key to making that happen, she said.

For more information on the training, call the Northwest Native Development Fund at (509) 634-2626.


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