Through our years of work partnering Native artists with successful entrepreneurs and financial institutions, we’ve learned—and seen—that innovative, groundbreaking things happen when people work together. That’s why we began a collaboration with four Native Community Development Financial Institutions in 2010 to create a training program that would carefully and intentionally mold artists into skilled entrepreneurs poised for personal and business success, and also equip financial and arts professionals with the skills they desire to work with these artists.

Since 2010, we have been offering training programs in communities across the country. Our dedicated team of artist and business success coaches at First Peoples Fund, would like to work with you to build capacity so that you can serve this cultural sector. We see this as critical to both long-term professional development of artists as well as the economic development potential for your community.

First Peoples Fund offers a number of training options:

  • The Native Artist Professional Training Program gives artists real-world tools and detailed resources to navigate the arts industry and become successful entrepreneurs. The training is intended for emerging and seasoned artists alike.
  • The Train the Trainer Program is a community-based program designed for financial and nonprofit professionals wishing to work directly with artists, this program trains participants in their community to offer expertise to artists wishing to start or grow a business.
  • The Train the Trainer Certification Program offers both training and technical assistance to individuals wishing to become certified Artist and Business Success Coaches who act as mentors at home and across the country.

 When you hold our training programs, you get the support of our team to ensure your training is successful. We will: 

  1. Provide you with an online form to register participants for the training.
  2. Send out email reminders about upcoming trainings to your mailing lists, and to registered participants.
  3. Design and send you printed flyers and small cards to hand out to prospective and registered participants.
  4. Mail all curriculum books, worksheets and handouts prior to the training.
  5. Meet with you before the training to prepare you for the event, and afterward, to evaluate the program’s success.

Financial institutions, arts organizations and Native artists across the country have realized both personal and professional growth as a result of our programs—and are today contributing to thriving arts communities in their hometown. Perhaps David Fleming, the founder of LaPointe Financial in Wisconsin, who has participated in our programs, says it best:

“First Peoples Fund gives us in-depth knowledge. Native entrepreneurs have different challenges than most, and we look to FPF to help us work through those issues. Our portfolio of Native artists starting businesses—and being successful professionally—has grown exponentially as a result of our partnership.”

Costs vary between $7,500–10,000. Grants are available in some parts of the country to offset costs.

Contact us to get started 
Want to discuss how you can bring our professional training programs to your community? Call Jeremy Staab at (605) 348-0324 or jeremy@firstpeoplesfund.org.