Our Native Artist Professional Development Training equips entrepreneurs with knowledge, tools and confidence to navigate their professional careers and lead fulfilling personal lives. Our values-based education sees the business of art and expression as cultural leadership—and positions artists to actualize a vision of success that fits within their cultural principles.

The training takes Native artists on a journey developing and enhancing practical skills in order to:

  • Express their personal vision and values that will ultimately become the principal foundation of their businesses.
  • Determine their art marketing, business and financial management abilities using a series of self-assessment tools.
  • Plan and set goals leading to weekly and monthly and annual business calendars.
  • Budget and establish a successful pricing structure.
  • Market their business using a variety of approaches and tools.
  • Complete a marketing plan.
  • Stand up and make a difference in their tribal communities, passing on cultural values and ancestral knowledge to the next generation.

The program is intended for artists of any stage in their careers.

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