Portrait of Juan Lucero, Isleta Pueblo. First Peoples Fund's Native Artist Professional Development Program Manager.


Juan Lucero was born and raised in New Mexico and is a Twin Cities transplant. He is a father of three wild children and the husband of a strong Dakota winyan. He is a member of the Isleta Pueblo. He has been dedicated to the arts for the past 15 years in many facets. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Museum Studies. Lucero prides himself on the relationships he developed throughout the years with artists and art professionals in his communities. He has held positions as a purchaser, seller, curator, and storage technician of Native art. Most recently he worked as the MdeWakanton Native Fellow at Mia. There he curated the show Parska/Shada which opened in the fall of 2021 and co-curated the reinstallation of the Native American galleries.  

He is currently attending the University of Oklahoma to earn his Master of Arts in Museum Studies. He also works as an independent art curator with his current project opening in the Spring of 2023 and the Colby College Art Museum.

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