Through our Artists in Business Leadership and Cultural Capital Fellowships, First Peoples Fund partners with Native artists and culture bearers to strengthen their business skills and to ensure that art, culture and ancestral knowledge are passed from one generation to the next. 

Twenty to twenty-five artists are selected annually for First Peoples Fund's one-year fellowship programs. Fellows receive $5,000 project grants, technical support and professional training to start or grow a thriving arts business and to further their important work in their communities. 

Applicants must be documented affiliates of a United States Tribe (American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian).


First Peoples Fund uses an online application process. To apply, click the button below and create an account to begin the application process.


A budget and workplan must be uploaded with your application. Download the guide below to complete according to the instructions.


Want to discuss how you can apply for a First Peoples Fund artist fellowship? Call Denise Miller at (605) 348-0324 or email at