Image by Hulleah Tsinhnahijinnie (Seminole/Muskogee/Dine)

Image by Hulleah Tsinhnahijinnie (Seminole/Muskogee/Dine)

Frank embodies all that is positive, giving, and culturally rich about the Southern Cheyenne community.”
— Teri Greeves, Nominator

Frank "Pipe Woman" Sheridan, Sr. ☨


TRIBE: Cheyenne / Arapaho

MEDIUM: Beadwork, Mixed Media

LOCATION: El Reno, Oklahoma




"For the past twenty years in the fall we have put up a tipi at our house and invited various elementary schools in the surrounding area to bring their classes to our home. The tipi is fully furnished with Cheyenne style backrests, buffalo robes, elk robes, bustles, rawhide articles, horn spoons, rawhide ropes, moccasins, buckskin dresses, leggings, crooked lances, bow and arrow cases, and other items that a typical Cheyenne family would have had as functional material possessions. It is usually cool in the fall and we have a fire going to keep the children warm. The children come with teachers and parents as chaperones and I share with them Cheyenne tribal history and cultural thought. I explain how each article was used and what materials were used to make them. I pass the things around so that each child has the opportunity to hold, feel touch and examine the article. I feel that by seeing and touching and doing is the best way to learn. Within the same realm of thought this activity has educated literally hundreds of other children as to the true spirit of our people and not the stereotypical images taught and shown on television and seen in the movies." - Frank Sheridan

"Frank embodies all that is positive, giving, and culturally rich about the Southern Cheyenne community. I believe for Frank, his manner of giving, educating, and communicating through his art is a way of life for him." - Teri Greeves, nominator


Tribute to 2005 Community Spirit Award Honoree Frank Sheridan, Sr.