Images courtesy of artist. 

Images courtesy of artist. 

karis jackson


TRIBE: Crow/Hidatsa/Arikara

MEDIUM: Beadwork

LOCATION: Browning, Montana




Taught at a young age by her grandmother, Kathy Real Bird, Karis' memories are many of sitting together daily and beading for hours. It is what has shaped her life.  Many of the stories and life lessons she learned as a young girl attribute to her work and can be seen in her pieces.

Karis beads using the Crow geometrical designs, shapes and colors along with floral of all kinds. "I use cut beads, elk hides and various traditional materials and methods to create a wide range of Crow Style beadwork, contemporary pieces and regalia.  I combine this with contemporary styles such as shading colors or adding portraits of my ancestors to my work. I make a piece as my own vision and how it comes to me as I live. It’s an intersection of creativity and a vehicle for my expression but also a way of honoring the past."

Karis beads with a view to capturing and expressing her culture as well as inviting the viewer to share her connection to her people. "I take pride in where I come from and what I do as I was taught since I was very young. The quality and uniqueness is what my work is known for as well as creating my own style while staying traditional to my ways in a modern world."


Some Call It Art