Image courtesy of artist

  Image courtesy of artist

leslie deer


TRIBE: Muscogee

MEDIUM: Fashion Design

LOCATION: Holdenville, Oklahoma




Leslie's comtemporary cultural attire is made using traditional applique techniques. Her passion for this work stems from her deep desire to honor her mother who taught her to sew using these techniques.  It is very important to Leslie that her pieces are passed down from generation to generation, inspiriing new experiences and stories.  To that end, she is committed quality and each garment is made to last.

Leslie is ready to use the knowledge she gained from her mentors to move from custom orders to a more extensive production to include establishing a streamlined assembly and production process.

“My designs are influenced by the spirals and abstract floral designs of the Muscogee people from the Southeast as well as the Woodland floral designs of my mentors. I like to work with brightly colored satins and silks for my applique designs and I use a variety of sustainable fabrics for the garments. I intentionally design garments with simple lines and silhouettes, so that the applique patterns will stand out.  My combinations of color, texture, floral design, and curvilinear lines make my work distinct and unmistakable, it’s my hallmark."