Image courtesy of artist  

Image courtesy of artist  

Luzene Hill


TRIBE:  Eastern Band of Cherokee

MEDIUM: Multi-media Installations

LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia




Luzene works in both conceptual installations and illustrations. Her installation art addresses the Issue of violence against women, and her illustrations are for language books to teach Cherokee culture and language.  Through her installations, Luzene strives to provide a dialogue about sexual assault, bring it out of the shadows and show survivors they are not alone. Though she is not a native speaker Luzene wants her art to contribute to language instruction and preservation, as well as spread knowledge of the Cherokee language and culture to the general public.

Luzene's work is held in museums, corporate and private collections across the United States, and is featured in Susan Power’s book Cherokee Art:  Prehistory to Present and Josh McPhee’s book, Celebrate People’s History!: The Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution.  Current projects include an artist’s book, Spearfinger, (letterpress in Cherokee syllabary) in collaboration with Speakeasy Press, and performance/installation art addressing the issue of violence against women.

"Vulnerability is a recurring theme in my work. Transformations, both physical and psychological, interest me. The process of change - voluntary or imposed, subtle or wrenching - is, paradoxically, a constant in life. I explore this fluid experience through media that are tentative, fleeting, easily altered or destroyed. The materials I employ - paper, ink, charcoal, beeswax - are fragile and capricious, qualities that define my view of life."


First Peoples Fund Fellowship