Image by Hulleah Tsinhnahijinnie (Seminole/Muskogee/Dine)

Image by Hulleah Tsinhnahijinnie (Seminole/Muskogee/Dine)

Lyn Risling


TRIBE: Yurok/Karuk/Hupa

MEDIUM: Paintings, Regalia

LOCATION: McKinleyville, California




"Today, while we live in the modern world and experience many of the same problems as many other Native communities due to the disruption of our traditional life styles. We still practice many of our cultural ways. Our ceremonies have been revived through a cultural renaissance over the last 30 years, and still continues. We have new basket weavers, people trying to learn and revive our languages, new regalía being made, ceremonies being reborn, new singers and old and new songs emerging and well as a revival of traditional stories. We continue using traditional foods that are still available and use plant life for medicines and ceremonies." - Lyn Risling

"Lyn Risling defines what it means to be a Native community-based artist. Producing visual art for over 30 years , the exceptional quality of her art is parallel to her daily dedication to her culture and community." - Rebecca Lowry, nominator