No Limits


By Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer, 2015 Artists in Business Leadership Fellow

Follow your dream, even when your journey may be difficult. This is what Danny Frost (Cheyenne River Sioux) hopes to inspire in other artists now that he has lived his dream for over 20 years — creating tattoo art full time and supporting his family. Coming from Eagle Butte, S.D., his Native culture gives his dreams direction.

Danny’s journey has taken a new path through his First Peoples Fund’s Artist in Business Leadership Fellowship. The program allowed him to attend an airbrush getaway, Murals on Steel. He learned airbrush fundamentals he had lacked, and it gave him an understanding of what is possible. A different approach from the conventional, it took on the form of fine art or oil painting, resulting in a look of brushes, layers. Danny plays around with color palettes, ideas. There are no limits.


He’s expanded his abilities in the field he has aspired to for a long time. He’s no longer limited to having flesh to create his art with his tattoo work. He can create anything with an airbrush, making art anytime. And use it to bring awareness of his culture and community.


Danny converted his garage into an art studio. It puts him close to the love and support of his wife and three little girls. He wants his girls to be proud of their Native roots, and to know they can succeed at anything.


Danny has a vision to pay it forward, to mentor youth in his tribe. He was once where they are. With hard work and dedication, he built a business from the ground up. He wants to show them dreams can come true and how art can have a profound, positive impact.


Though his journey has not always been easy, he’s never given up on his dream.


Danny Frost is a 2016 Artists in Business Leadership Fellow.

Images courtesy of Danny Frost.