Crowd Sourcing to Provide Monthly Funding Stream

First Peoples Fund joined a new effort, 12by12by12, linking leading nonprofit organizations to mobilize progressive support across the U.S. The crowd-sourcing portal and social media effort seeks to harness new political momentum and energy into ongoing, monthly support around 12 key issues areas.

“The 2016 election was a tipping point,” said First Peoples Fund President and CEO Lori Pourier. “The scope of public concern has broadened and we are pleased to join a collective effort to raise support for organizations meeting fundamental needs across the country. 12by12by12 will help provide a consistent, monthly boost where it is needed most.”

The web portal will gather tax-deductible contributions of at least $12 on the 12th of each month in 12 key issue areas. The organizations range from well-established national nonprofits including First Peoples Fund, Alternate ROOTS, and the Ms. Foundation for Women as well as regional organizations promoting progressive change.

The 12 areas include:

  • Women’s health, safety, and well being
  • Access to health care
  • Children/youth and education
  • Civil discourse and civic engagement
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion; immigration
  • Environment and climate change
  • Criminal justice
  • Free artistic expression
  • Gun safety and violence prevention
  • Civil rights and liberties; social justice; ethics
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Quality journalism and freedom of the press

Each organization is carefully vetted to ensure both the good stewardship of funds, as well as leadership in progressive change.  The effort will give individual donors an easy way to explore a variety of quality organizations to best match their concerns and intent. A workplace giving component and additional organizations will be added over the coming months.

In addition to the website, you can find the collective effort on Facebook (12by12by12), Twitter (@12by12by12) and other social media will boost communication for participating organizations.