Image by Shannon Burnette-Meek  

Image by Shannon Burnette-Meek  

 scotti and juliana clifford 


TRIBE: Oglala Lakota

MEDIUM: Singers/Musicians

LOCATION: Pine Ridge, South Dakota





The Clifford’s are from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and make up the music duo, "Scatter Their Own." The husband and wife team recently released a music video for their song "Taste the Time", which is a reminder to people to be aware of their environment. They were nominated for "Best Rock Album of the Year" at the 2015 Indigenous Music Awards in Winnipeg, Canada. The couple have been featured in many prominent news outlets such as BBC and CNN.  

Their journey with First Peoples Fund began in 2013 with assistance in marketing, professional development, networking and purchasing new equipment.  Through the help of community organizations as well as their GoFundMeCampaign, the band acquired a traveling van of their dreams that allows them to be on tour across the country comfortably.  In addition, Scatter Their Own now owns their own recording equipment, giving them complete control over their unique sound.

In the band, Juliana Clifford is a lyricist and plays the bass and acoustic guitar. Scotti Clifford is a singer/songwriter and plays guitar.  Their two children are also members of this family band.

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