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Native Artist Resources

Discover grants, fellowships, and artist residencies designed to support Native artists and culture bearers in their creative and cultural endeavors. Explore opportunities to receive financial aid, mentorship, and development resources to sustain and grow your artistic journey.

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Opportunities for Native Artists & Culture Bearers

Welcome to the First Peoples Fund Artist Resource page! We're here to champion and support Native artists and culture bearers. At First Peoples Fund, we understand the profound influence of art and cultural practices on our communities. Our commitment is to foster growth, creativity, and cultural preservation. Below is a list of artist opportunities, including grants and fellowships, which are updated monthly. It has a special focus on supporting BIPOC artists and culture bearers through additional resources and support.

If you’d like to add an opportunity, please send all relevant information to collectivespirit@firstpeoplesfund.org with the subject line: “FPF Artist Resource Page”

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