A close up of a Native artists hands holding weaving a basket.

donor recognition

Thank You to Our 2023 Donors

First Peoples Fund is grateful for the support of the following individuals and organizations for sharing their abundance with us. Because of their generosity, we are able to support artists and cultural bearers who practice, share and carry forward cultural art forms, beliefs and traditions in their communities.

First Peoples Fund connects our cultures and is creating change. They allow Indigenous peoples to tell their stories and be known. They help create hope and instill pride. For to long our peoples have had their stories suppressed and it's important that our voices be heard. That is why I support First Peoples Fund.

-Ben Sherman (Lakota)

Robert Althoff
Nic Anstett
Amy Atzel
Maya Austin
Holly Bahn
Betty Bastidas
Nancy A. Bavis
Henri Benaim
Neil Berman
Timothy Best
Iwona Bies
Marian Bitsui
Jaren Bonillo
Siusan Boyd
Heidi Brandow
Tom & Marion Braum Foundation
Bridges Scholarship Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
Denise Brown
Edward Cadotte
Michelle Cataldo
Dian Dong Chen
Kaitlyn Chock
Anand Chokkalingam
Robyn Cloughley
Pat Courtney-Gold
Sarah-Ana Crevier Goulet
Beth Cyr Kroh
Alan and Andrea Dorsey
Ryan Dunn
Michael Eaton
Tish Eaton
Wendy Eisner
Feder Gordon Family Fund
Stephen Feldman
Kai Fierle-Hedrick
Elizabeth Finch
Ian and Carol Friendly
Nancy Fushan
Ghislaine Gallimard
Becky Gauthier
Molly Goin
Aubrey Graham
Michael Gribbin
Marla Haas
Carol Hafford
Steven Hartman
Katherine Hayes
Marcie Hershman
Christopher Hibma
Katharine Hinman
Andrew Ho
Michelle Hunsberger
Ruth Ann Ingraham
Lucette Johnson
Jeremy Kagan
Diane Kaplan
Julius & Eleanor
John Kipp, Jr.
Tim Kretzm
Ronald Larsen
Monica E. & Kenneth S. Larson
Jenny Lawson
Romy Le Bigaut
Jeena Lee
Anna Lee
Kelley Lindquist
Alexander Linger
Jeffrey Masco
Mike Maser
Jean M. Mauclet
Caroline Mcclave
Euphema Mesmain
Samantha Miles
Margaret Mitchell
Barbara Morgan
Martha Morgan
Morris Family Charitable Fund
Joule Mosteller
Carol Newell
Deborah Obalil
Gracie Ofslager
Vickie Oldman
Jonathan Oppenheimer
Joan Osato
Tiani Osborn
Harold E. & H. Lorraine Panciera
Ryan Parker
Blair Patterson
Sonya Paul
Justin Pequeno
Mimi Pickering
Lori Pourier
Pozarnsky/Riley Charitable Fund
Oliver Prato
Marlan Proctor III
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
Cat Ramos
Jennie Redling
Bruce Rettig
Brenda Ringwald
Patricia Badwound
Ruth Anne Beutler
John Brockelsby
Kat Bula
Rachael Essing
Kathleen Fluegel
Kathryn Gigler
EmmaElizabeth Gonzalez
Amanda Goodall
Anna Huntington
Miriam Jorgensen
Jael Kampfe
Miranda Orich
Lauren Oujiri
Becky Parker
Pinal Patel
Matias Pelenur
Alec Peters
Mike Roque
Rhonda Rosenberg
Virginia Sackett
Theresa Secord
Benjamin Sherman
Rosy Simas
Douglas Spencer
John Strasberg
Hania Younis

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