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Ways to Give

Discover various avenues to contribute, including donations, planned giving, and gift of stock, as we collectively nurture and uplift the Native arts community.

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Ways to Give

Support Our Work

Your contribution to First Peoples Fund reflects your dedication to valuing and uplifting Native artists and cultural bearers. By providing support you are helping to empower them to enhance their livelihoods and share their talents, insights, and wisdom within their communities, enriching the lives of current and future generations.

We invite you to explore the various ways of giving below.

Should you wish to present a donation in tribute or remembrance of someone special, kindly provide their name and the person to be informed when choosing from the options below.


If you have any questions about the various ways to give or, if you would rather donate by phone or mail please contact First Peoples Fund: Email Us  |  (605) 348-0324.

Make A One-Time Donation

Every contribution is a seed planted for the future of Native artists and culture bearers. Your generosity sustains an ecosystem where art, culture, and connection flourish.

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Make an Impact with a Single Gesture

Your one-time donation is a powerful act of support for Indigenous artistry. It's a celebration of cultural resilience and an investment in the creators who uplift and preserve the rich tapestry of Indigenous heritage. Donate today and become a catalyst for creativity and cultural empowerment.

sustainers circle

We invite you to become part of First peoples Fund's community of donors who make a gift on a weekly or monthly basis. Your recurring gifts will help drive our work on behalf of Native artists and culture bearers.

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Step into the Sustainers Circle.

Artists are invaluable in strengthening the fabric of our communities. They carry the wisdom, teachings, and stories of our rich histories and intense struggles born of injustice and perseverance to make a better life for our children and grandchildren.

“We are at a moment in time where Native voices have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on our country for generations to come.”

-Ben Sherman (Oglala Lakota) - Sustainers Circle Member

Ben Sherman’s deep respect and admiration for Native artists prompted him to become a monthly donor to First Peoples Fund. Ben learned the importance of helping others from his parents and formed a commitment to giving at a young age.

We invite you to join Ben and become part of First Peoples Fund’s Sustainers Circle of donors who make a gift on a weekly or monthly basis. Your recurring gifts will help drive our work on behalf of Native artists and culture bearers.

Join the sustainers circle

Collective Spirit Legacy fund

In celebration of 25 years of impact, First Peoples Fund’s Collective Spirit® Legacy Fund aims to raise $15 million in growth and reserve capital over three years.

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Contribute to FPF's long-term sustainability

The Collective Spirit® Fund – growth and capacity capital – will set up FPF for Indigenous artist support and long-term sustainability by funding three strategic priorities:

+ Artists

To strengthen core communities by deepening and extending regrants along with capacity building assistance to networks of artists &  culture bearers and community based organizations.

Objective: Move from $20,000/year to $50,000/year grants at the community organization level and from one year to three years of support.

+ Culture Bearers

Since 2000, First Peoples Fund has honored and supported more than 100 culture bearers deeply rooted in their communities with exceptional ability to pass on cultural knowledge and sustain community spirit through the Jennifer Easton Community Spirit Awards.

Objective: First Peoples Fund aims to deepen our support for culture bearers by increasing the Community Spirit Award to $50,000 by 2025.

+ Future Generations

In order to continue to strengthen First Peoples Fund’s programmatic and leadership capacity in the field now and into the future, First Peoples Fund would like to direct half of the Legacy Fund to a growth and reserve fund.

A truth that’s unknown to most Americans is that art and culture are and always have been a central force in tribal communities and economies. After 25 years, we are just beginning to realize our potential to deeply invest in traditional activities like dance, storytelling and weaving — the rock upon which our people are rebuilding our modern tribal communities and economies.

-First Peoples Fund President Lori Pourier (Oglala Lakota)

If you would like to contribute to the Collective Spirit Legacy Fund, please feel free to reach out to Vice President of Advancement and Communications Sonya Gavin at sonya@firstpeoplesfund.org or (605) 223-0088.

oglala lakota artspace

Your support of the OLA guarantees the ongoing availability of essential programming and services to the Pine Ridge community. By contributing, you are helping to ensure that access to these vital resources remains intact.

An image of the Lakota Star Knowledge sculpture outside of the Oglala Lakota Artspace.

Make an Impact on the Pine Ridge Reservation

The Oglala Lakota Artspace (OLA) is an arts center on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Kyle, South Dakota. Completed in 2021, this  Native-led space is a partnership of First Peoples Fund, Lakota Funds and Artspace, As the first of its kind on the reservation, the facility provides a collaborative and intergenerational environment for artists to create, learn, teach and share with the local Native community, have access to financial services and grow their businesses.

The 8,500-square-foot arts center features: artist studios, a recording studio, classroom space, an exhibit area, an outdoor market space, a space for community gathering Space, a performance space, the Lakota Federal Credit Union storefront, the Rolling Rez Arts bus, and the home base for our Wicahpi Olowan Music Program.

donate to the ola

Wicahpi Olowan Music Program

Join us in making a meaningful impact in the Pine Ridge community by contributing to our newest initiative, the Wicahpi Olowan Music Program.

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Wicahpi Olowan transcends being just a music program

Wicahpi Olowan stands as a visionary force within the community, honoring the musical traditions of our past, leading new and fresh perspectives on music and being profoundly transformative. Wicahpi Olowan achieves these things through:

  • Facilitating a community mindset space for artists Encouraging artists and their respective communities to adopt similar approaches
  • Promoting access to knowledge sharing and fostering an encouraging spirit
  • Contrasting the prevailing music industry's focus on individualism  and competition
  • Emphasizing the importance of authentic and safe expression in music
  • Highlighting the potential for music to address both fun and deep realities
  • Suggesting that music can inspire positive actions in communities and provide validation for individuals on their journeys
" The artists that step into our studio/program for the stars (wicahpi) are already stars. It is our hope that through supporting and honoring them, we can re-instill pride and recognition of these artists who the community can know and look to as inspiration."

-Talon Ducheneaux (Lakota), Program Manager, Wicahpi Olowan

Join us in making a meaningful impact by contributing to this vital cause. Together, we can help foster a vibrant musical community that uplifts spirits and empowers individuals to explore their creative potential.

donate to wicahpi olowan music program

Gift of Stock

First Peoples Fund's donors can support our work through a gift of appreciated stock. Making a stock gift can increase the impact of your gift and may have tax advantages for you.

A close up of Anna Brown Ehlers (Tlingit) hands weaving.

Invest in Culture: Donate Stocks

A contribution of stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares is an investment in cultural sustainability. This kind of giving can also provide you with financial benefits, including tax deductions. Secure the future of Indigenous arts while planning for your financial future.

If you are interested in contributing a gift of stock, please feel free to reach out to Vice President of Advancement and Communications Sonya Paul at sonya@firstpeoplesfund.org or (605) 223-0088.

Donor FAQs + Disclosures

We take your privacy very seriously. We do not share your contact information outside the organization; donors may choose to give anonymously.

If you donated to a specific program, your entire contribution will support that program. Your gift will be allocated where it's needed most for General Support donations. If you contributed to the Collective Spirit Legacy Fund, your entire donation will be designated to the fund, which supports three main strategic priorities for future impact and growth.

  1. Core Communities: Larger and longer-term regrants alongside the capacity building to tribal community organizations that support Native artists such as Native CDFIs, community development corporations, heritage centers and others.
  2. Jennifer Easton Community Spirit Awards: At $10,000, this modest, flagship award recognizes deeply rooted culture bearers with exceptional ability to pass on ancestral knowledge. We aim to increase the award to $50,000 by 2025
  3. Programmatic Growth and Reserve Fund: Continue strengthening First Peoples Fund's leadership in the field now and in the future.

Yes, fill out a pledge form and return it to First Peoples Fund.

Please talk to us about any of the following options for engaging your corporation with First Peoples Fund:

  • Corporate gift matching
  • Payroll giving
  • Donate services

When you make your gift, online or offline, designate the person you would like to honor or memorialize and let us know who you would like to be notified of the gift.

If you wish to remember First Peoples Fund in your will, please get in touch with First Peoples Fund Vice President of Advancement and Communications Sonya Gavin, sonya@firstpeoplesfund.org  |  605.223.0088

Signing up for monthly giving is simple and our Sustainers Circle members are precious to us because they allow FPF to forecast future giving. Select Recurring when you make your gift on our Donation Page, then select the dollar amount and frequency of your gifts. You can pause, edit or cancel monthly donations at any time.

  1. Our monthly Collective Spirit newsletter is where you'll be able to read about the difference your support is making in the lives of Native artists.
  2. Other occasional information and invitations.
  3. If you'd like to opt out of receiving communications from FPF, let us know when you make your gift or you can unsubscribe from our mailing list anytime.

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More information about nonprofit disclosures statements and nonprofit solicitation registration.

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