Portrait of Talon Bazille Ducheneaux (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe) sitting in the Wicahpi Olowan music studio


Talon Bazille, a versatile artist of Cheyenne River Lakota and Crow Creek Dakota heritage, embodies roles as a rapper, producer, and sound designer. His artistic journey was initiated at 13, guided by supportive uncles, though temporarily paused during post-secondary pursuits. Rediscovering his hip-hop passion at the University of Pennsylvania, he hosted a radio show to uplift underground artists and rekindled his own creative flame.

After earning his psychology degree, he achieved a personal milestone by releasing the 51-track self-produced album "Sake." Bazille's devotion to music expanded to founding the Wonahun Was’te’ mobile studio, offering recording resources to Crow Creek Sioux Tribal members and allies.

Collaborating with entities like DCM Collective, Panoramic Dreams, and First Peoples Fund, Bazille conceived the "Traveling the Multiverse with Iktomi" series, delving into the universal essence of Iktomi, a trickster spirit from Ocheti Sakowin oral histories. This series, presented through the "Ikto Theatre," showcased his dedication to artistic resilience and cultural representation.

Beyond hip-hop, Bazille's artistry spans genres, from crafting soundscapes for installations to participating in significant events like First Peoples Fund's "We The Peoples Before" concert and Cornerstone Theatre Company's "Wicoun" tour.

"WCWW" and "DOPA," his albums, echo evolving rap expressions, while collaborations with diverse artists underscore his commitment to diverse musical forms. Balancing his experiences from reservations to urban life, Bazille aims to honor his heritage and foster healing.

In a poignant tribute, he released an album in memory of his late brother, displaying healthy grieving through music. Bazille's fervent dedication to music and Dakota legacy propels his involvement in the Wicahpi Olowan Music Studio & Program—a collaborative endeavor empowering the community through music. To explore more about Bazille's music and projects, visit www.BAZTK.com.

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