Portrait of Ron Martinez Looking Elk, Isleta & Taos Pueblo. First Peoples Fund Board Member.


Ron Martinez Looking Elk (Isleta and Taos Pueblo) is an International Community Development Specialist for Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO). Founded in 1970, AIO draws upon traditional Indigenous values to foster enlightened and responsible leadership, inspire stake-holder driven solutions, and convene visionary leaders to probe contemporary issues and address challenges of the new century. Mr. Martinez Looking Elk is a trained facilitator in the Indigenous Leaders Interactive System (ILIS).  The ILIS is a special forum that affirms the value of diverse opinions, clarifies a group vision, and fosters ownership in the collective outcome. Ron also works to develop curriculum and planning in the American Indian Ambassadors Program – a national initiative designed to cultivate a new generation of Native leaders. The Program works to reaffirm cultural values and identity, and helps emerging community leaders incorporate these values into solutions that build sustainable communities.  Ron is also a traditional Pueblo potter and international award winning artist.  He is a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts. Ron has been working as an Artist Business Success Coach for First Peoples Fund and serves on FPF’s board of directors.

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