A portrait of Native artist Chanelle Gallagher (Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe) throwing pottery in her studio.
A portrait of Ed Carriere (Suquamish), Traditional Knowledge Keeper & Weaver standing on the coastline looking out at the ocean
A portrait of Kaylene Big Knife (Chippewa Cree Tribe) leaning against a wall

Collective Spirit Podcast

The Collective Spirit moves each of us to stand up and make a difference, to pass on ancestral knowledge, and simply extend a hand of generosity. Each Collective Spirit podcast features one Native artist or culture bearer discussing the power of Indigenous art and culture.

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2023 Community Spirit Award Honoree Robert Charles Davidson (Haida, Tlingit) shares his journey as a carver and a career of over 65 years. His life is a testament to the power of art in the revival of indigenous culture. His artistic roots stem from the teachings of his father and grandfather, who instilled in him the importance of their way of carving in the Haida style.  Robert shares the significance of traditional ceremonies and how his artistic practice became the bridge to reconnect with one's roots and inspire subsequent generations of Haida and Tlingit carvers and artists.

2023 Cultural Capital Fellow Sequoia Hauck (Anishinaabe), a queer, Native, two-spirit filmmaker with a deep love for Indigenous storytelling, strives to create stories by and for Native people. Sequoia shares details of their current film project, Never Turn Your Back to the Wave - the Travis Jordan Story - a poignant series touching on the tragic loss of loved ones due to police brutality in the Native community where Sequoia touches upon the tragedy of Travis Jordan's story while also primarily honoring and celebrating the departed.

2023 Cultural Capital Fellow Dan Nanamkin (Colville Confederated Tribes), an artist who creates with his hands and heart, shares his journey, which has led him to create work centered on the intersection of tradition and contemporary education, focusing on empowering Indigenous youth. He candidly talks about the trials of racism and the transformative power of composing songs in his tribal language - a process filled with nuances that could change a song's meaning.

Join us as we learn from 2023 Cultural Capital Fellow Kelly Rose O'Bennick (Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes), a multi-talented artist doing just that with her passion for traditional moccasin making. Drawing from her sobriety journey, Kelly is on a mission to reintroduce traditional attire into everyday life, fostering cultural pride and connection. Delve into her journey and discover the significance of moccasins as a symbol of cultural roots.

Journey with us as we weave a tale that transcends time with 2023 Cultural Capital Fellow, Shawna Shandíín Sunrise (Diné, Kewa Pueblo), a fifth-generation weaver, community organizer, and educator, paints a vivid picture of her life, deeply rooted in Native ancestry and traditions. She unveils the wisdom of our forefathers, their unique ways of preserving knowledge, and how these teachings influence her multiple roles in her community, where she teaches weaving and the values of reciprocity.

Join us as we learn more about 2023 Artist in Business Leadership Fellow Chanel Gallagher (Ojibwe), who dared to swap her career in social work for her passion for pottery. Chanel's story, rich with the power of embracing her Indigenous roots and reconnecting with the earth through clay, will inspire and enlighten you. This episode will debunk age-old misconceptions about Ojibwe pottery, immersing you in the compelling history of Indigenous art.

Prepare to be inspired by 2023 Artist in Business Leadership Fellow, Cheri Williams (Anishinaabe), who will take you on an enlightening journey through her captivating garden. Cheri, a fervent gardener, will share her love for the transformative power of nature and how she beautifully captures it through photographs. Her plan to create a book showcasing these exquisite pictures aims to bring gardening to the fore of mainstream art forms.

Erin Tripp (Tlingit), 2023 Artist in Business Leadership Fellow - a talented actor, voice-over artist, and narrator, is on a mission to spotlight Indigenous narratives. Erin candidly shares his journey in performance arts, revealing the thrill and challenge of performing a long monologue. Erin’s love for stories is evident as he raves about his favorite play, Devilfish, and delves into his work narrating audiobooks. Their commitment to ensuring that native people voice their stories is a testament to his dedication to capturing authentic narratives.

Join us as we unravel the story of our guest, 2022 Community Spirit Awardee Ed Carriere (Suquamish) - a master of Suquamish style clam gathering basket weaving. A lineage passed down by her great grandma, Julia Jacob, our guest, has spent years perfecting the ancestral knowledge of this intricate art form, a testament to Indigenous resilience and creativity. From crafting baskets for gathering clams to more complex creations like eel trap baskets, Ed's journey provides a unique window into the lives and traditions of our ancestors.

Join us as we sit down with a remarkable artist and 2022 Artist in Business Leadership Fellow, Elexa Dawson (Potawatomi Nation) as she shares her journey, how she found her unique voice, and how she's using her music to heal generational trauma and promote connectivity. Elexa touches upon themes of resilience as she outlines her challenges as an independent artist amid a global pandemic and her strategies to overcome them, including training and networking with First People's Fund.

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