Golga Oscar

Golga Oscar

Kasigluk Elders Traditional Council - Yup'ik Nation


Yup’ik Artist, Golga Oscar was born and raised in a rural community called Kasigluk, Alaska. He graduated from Akiuk Memorial School and earned his high school diploma. Oscar has successfully produced and led many projects with various mediums ranging from skin sewing, to basket weaving, and quillwork/beadwork/walrus ivory carving exploring Yup’ik Native jewelry. These artforms he pursues are fancy parka/mukluks making, small beach-grass baskets, and different styles of earrings and bracelets. He explores digital photography focusing on the beauty of Native identity as well. He plans to share his skills with people who want to learn about the culture and revitalize their skills towards specific traditional/contemporary clothing. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Business Entrepreneurship certificate at the Institute of American Indian Art and is now a secondary cultural instructor at Akula Elitnaruvik. Oscar’s goals are to pursue cultural awareness teaching and enter the fashion industry. He aims to showcase the Yup’ik cultural art and bring his Yup’ik identity to recognition in the “American” mainstream.

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