Alfred "Bud" Lane, III

Siletz Nation


Siletz basketry is not just an art form but also a means of making utilitarian baskets without which our people could not have survived. To see our people making and proudly wearing Ceremonial caps and work caps, carrying our children and grandchildren in our baby baskets, wearing bark capes and dresses, using traditional mats, and cooking and eating from baskets is to me preserving the very core of our collective Tribal existence," said Bud Lane III, 2009 Community Spirit Award honoree and who creates Siletz basketry.

“He honors the Creator in many ways: for the beauty surrounding us, for the Siletz People, for the medicine plants and for basketry plants, and for all Life.” -Pat Courtney Gold (Wasco/Wishram), 2003 Communtity Spirit Award Honoree, and Nominator

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