Duane Goodwin



For more than 28 years, Stone Sculptor Duane Goodwin has made countless contributions in art education and art appreciation in Bemidji and the Leech Lake Reservation.

Melissa Pond, a colleague at Leech Lake Tribal College where Goodwin teaches, says, “As an artist, Dewey Goodwin demonstrates a gift for creation, storytelling and sharing in his work. His sculptures, in particular, are renowned for their ability to unite both the spirit of the stone and the spirit of the subject.”

Leech Lake Tribal College Director of Advancement Kyle Erickson who nominated Goodwin said, “While Dewey is probably best known for his work with stone, he has also taught students at Leech Lake Tribal College about drawing, painting, pottery and a host of traditional Anishinaabe arts and crafts.  Students take pride in the works that they create under Dewey’s instruction, and that pride translates into a better self image and better outlook on life.”

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