Rose Kerstetter

Oneida Nation of Wisconsin
"Strength comes from within. I love to create my pottery—I do it because I love it."


It has been said, “strength comes from within.” I love to create my pottery—I do it because I love it. But I also know that it can strengthen this community because I can show to others that it is something that is a part of us that we can be very proud of. It has been part of Oneida life for thousands of years. It is a point of pride, and I can show this and teach this to anyone who would like to learn.

“For more than 20 years. Rose has volunteered in her community, teaching her craft to anyone who wanted to learn, Indian or non-Indian, in elementary schools, high school, colleges, and elderly group settings. When she lived in New Mexico, she frequently invited college students to live with her at her home while they studied pottery making. I believe that many people in Oneida would agree that Rose is and has been an invaluable addition to her community since she moved there six years ago, and I know that she has contributed to the quality of life, through the arts, wherever she has lived.” – Joe Skenandore, Nominator

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