Sadie Buck

Tonawanda Seneca
"When we use our bodies and voices to the best of our abilities, we are sovereign."


Sadie was born into a long line of traditional singers and dancers. Her life as a traditional singer has honed her training and performance skill to a master level. Sadie has taken her traditional training ideology and transposed that to her contemporary life as an artist, performer, facilitator, director, author, trainer, researcher and consultant. Sadie is the lead singer for the Six Nations Women Singers.

“When we use our bodies and voices to the best of our abilities, we are sovereign. No one can take this from us just as no one can give it to us. Sovereignty is of our minds. When we understand and have the freedom of expression, we are sovereign. When we are sovereign we are well.” – Sadie Buck

“It is impossible to discern the line between Sadie’s art as an occupation and her art practiced as service to her community. Her art has translated into a traditional way of life from which she draws her boundless inspiration. Through her singing and dancing, Sadie constantly breathes life into traditional song and dance.” - Meisha Kreisberg, Nominator

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