Mikelene J. Moquino

Pueblo of Tesuque


Mikelene Moquino comes from the Pueblo of Tesuque in New Mexico and has a profound dedication to the art of pueblo style embroidery. She teaches this artistic expression within her own community and in other neighboring pueblos to keep this traditional art alive for future generations. All of her embroidery is done by hand and most often applied to traditional pueblo clothing used for ceremonial and festive dances. Mikelene works closely with her husband, Randy Moquino, in creating textile works and teaching community members. Many of the items they make tell a story and they are frequently intended to be passed down over generations. She sees the continuation of creating and wearing these garments as a valuable way to retain important elements of her traditional culture. Her classes provide spaces where bonds are reconnected between young and old, traditional Tewa language is often the main form of verbal communication, and the best medicine–laughter–is heard.

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