Therese St. Cyr

Oglala Lakota


Therese St. Cyr was taught by her grandmother at a young age to dance and create beadwork. Today she lives on the Winnebago reservation in Nebraska with her family where she learned many of the Ho-Chunk customs and tribal art forms. Therese taught herself how to make burial moccasins and clothing and is called upon by tribal members who often require them in a short period of time which she does without hesitation. She states, "With the guidance of the Creator, I often think that these items are the last thing their loved ones will ever wear and that I made them for their journey." Through her gifts of making traditional regalia she started her own youth dance group, Many Moccasins Dance Troupe. She believes strongly that if young people are empowered to learn their history and traditions they will be instrumental to the Nation as a whole.

"In our community, when a member passes on into the spirit world, Therese is always summoned by family members to make the final pair of moccasins for their loved ones." - Garan Coons, Director, Woodland Trails Art Retail and Learning Center, Nominator

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