Carol Emarthle-Douglas

Carol Emarthle-Douglas

Northen Arapahoe-Seminole


Carol practices one of the oldest forms of basket weaving, using a traditional coiling method. She incorporates a contemporary aspect into her baskets by using materials such as hemp, waxed linen thread, reed, silk thread and raffia.

Carol aspires to create baskets that are regarded as fine art and one of a kind. Most recently, she won Best of Show at the 2015 Santa Fe Indian Market, one of the highest honors she’s received to date. Carol gets her inspiration through working with other weavers, constantly studying new techniques and instruction styles so she is able to pass it on to students in her community. Currently she is learning weaving techniques of Native Hawaiians, as well as how to use their natural materials such as lau hala leaves and makuloa sedge. She looks forward to teaching all that she learns with her students.

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