Sarah Agaton Howes

Sarah Agaton Howes

Fond du Lac Ojibwe and Muscogee


My name is Naawakwegiizhiigokwe and also Sarah. I am eagle clan from the "bald headed island" aka Cloquet area but now live in Sawyer area of Fond du Lac Nation. I am the artist and CEO behind Heart Berry. I create original Ojibwe art and design, develop products, manage a website, staff, and a warehouse. I work with Eighth Generation as an Inspired Natives collaborator. I also create custom logos and large art installations with tribes, organizations, and architect firms. I collaborate with organizations and sports teams to create large givebacks. I also teach cultural art and build tools for makers. Beadwork and moccasin making are my cultural arts of origin. Teaching and building apprentice teachers to work myself out of a job is the focus of my cultural art teaching.

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