Barbara Morgan

Barbara Morgan

Diné (Navajo)


I was born on the Navajo Nation and spent my summers with my dad's parents in Lukachukai AZ at their summer or winter homes where the sheep and cattle grazed. I learned many things about our culture, language and traditions. I attended private schools but never forgot I was Dine to the core. I attended IAIA in Santa Fe NM after high school and the Rhode Island School of Design but did not complete my year there. I learned many art medium at IAIA including painting, ceramics, bead work, weaving, traditional dance, and moccasin making.

As an adult I married and had sons and raised them alone after my husband died from PTSD after the Viet Nam war. I taught Head Start, Elementary Grades, Jr. High and High School. I was adjunct faculty at Dine College in Many Farms, AZ. When I worked for the Navajo Nation Police Department I was a Victim/Witness police trainer and even taught FBI agents about cultural sensitivity in their dealings with victims and survivors of major crimes.

After I retired, I began seriously selling my handmade jewelry, dolls, clothing, quilts, and beading. My business is known as Saanii Bi Fine Arts and I'm based in Shiprock, NM. My dolls are historically correct as to the fashion and materials. I use wool, cotton, yarn, sterling silver jewelry with turquoise, coral, obsidian and shell settings.

I want to expand my business to have a webpage and process for payment. I want to refurbish a shed to accommodate my office and workspace, storage and showcases.

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