Gunner Krogman

Gunner Krogman

Rosebud Sioux Tribe
Wishes become dreams, dreams become visions, visions become reality.
Gunner Krogman (DREAMS)


Gunner Krogman grew up with his family on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. He says that the music scene was almost nonexistent and there wasn't a path to follow as a recording artist. Gunner picked up music production in high school and started singing and rapping over his own beats and instrumentals and eventually began spending all of his free time writing songs and making music.

"The second song I ever created, as a sophomore in high school, is called 'Lonely Nights & Days.' I wrote the song for my best friend who committed suicide at the age of 17," Gunner says. "That traumatic event brought me to the realization that music, for me, could be healing and a way to relieve emotional stress. From then on, music was my passion, medicine, and a means to share my story and art with others. My music and technique has evolved over the past ten years and my knowledge, experience, relationships, and connections put me in a place to potentially be successful in the music industry. I never imagined I’d make a career out of music. What has started as hopes and dreams just might become a reality."

Gunner's one year fellowship project includes writing, recording and producing his first recorded album.

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