Brendon Albers

Brendon Albers

Cheyenne River Sioux


Brendon is talented, innovative sculptor living on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  He creates pieces primarily using alabaster.  When Brendon was just 14, he took his first art class, feeling his heart, spirit, mind and hands working in unison. It was then that he realized he was meant to create. He realized his ability to look at a stone and decipher the story it would tell. Brendon’s stone carvings are inspired by the culture and oral history of his people.

Because of the confidence he has gained through the Artist in Business Leadership and Cultural Capital programs, Brendon proudly shows and sells several of his large-scale stone sculptures across the country. In addition, he feels the strong sense of urgency to give back to his community by way of live demonstrations to several art classes in Cheyenne River. Brendon has determination to pass on the feeling and purpose in life that art first gave him to other young ones, helping them connect their heart, mind, spirit and hands just the way it had for him so many years ago.

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