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Mic Jordan



Mic Jordan is a hip-hop artist who is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe Tribe in Belcourt, ND, where music heavily influenced his childhood. In addition to his own musical endeavors, Mic also leads hip-hop writing workshops for young people and is a sought-after speaker, having delivered the keynote address at the Sitting Bull College Youth Summit, University of South Dakota Building Bridges Conference, and many others.

Mic has served as a TedX speaker and was named 2016 North Dakota Hip Hop Artist of the year. He speaks directly to youth about the issues of alcoholism and suicide. He shares his life story and how he overcame adversity with the power of music. As a musician, Mic Jordan indigenizes hip-hop, bending the genre to tell his story in an honest way that reflects the positive values of his traditional culture. Throughout his workshops, Mic teaches the foundations of lyric writing. During the aspects of his workshops, students practice expressing their ideas by experimenting with language, structure, rhythm, syllabic breakdown, and flow.

"Growing up on the reservation, I've encountered the same challenges as our Native youth face today. I truly believe in my heart that I was saved by the arts and it is only right that I use that gift of self-expression to empower those who are struggling and I do all of that through hip-hop," Mic says. "Becoming a Turnaround artist and working for the President’s committee itself is showing all the kids that I've worked over the years that nothing is impossible."

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