Marjorie Kunaq-Tahbone

Marjorie Kunaq-Tahbone

Nome Eskimo Community, Inupiaq


Marjorie Kunaq Tahbone has a wide range of talents and skills centering on her Iñupiaq and Kiowa heritage. Raised at her family fish camp outside of Nome Alaska, Kunaq uses resources from the land to create her art. Kunaq is set to complete her master’s degree in Indigenous Studies at the University of Alaska Fairbanks this December 2020. It is important to Kunaq to learn the skills of hide tanning, skin sewing, and the knowledge that has been passed down for generations because it is essential to having a strong cultural identity. She also works to teach these valuable skills to those interested in learning. Using traditional art forms and designs inspires Kunaq to create modern art that allows for a deeper connection to her Ancestors.

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