Shirley Brauker

Shirley Brauker

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians


I have spent my entire life learning about art and my Native American heritage.  I have combined these two interests into my own unique style of art.  I use images from my cultural background as well as my imagination to create pieces that reflect the way I see the world around me.  Some ideas come from text books, others come from stories passed down by my Mother, while others are born from my own personal experiences.

I received a PhD from Central Michigan University after presenting the Commencement Address for the 2015 Graduation Ceremony.  I also have a Masters and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from CMU.  The Speech can be viewed on YouTube under:   Central Michigan University Commencement Fall 2015 Address, Shirley Brauker afternoon event.        

I have taught hundreds of workshops for students young and old throughout the US.  It has been a great experience to share my knowledge and pass on this information to others. I have always felt that if one person takes away one thing from one of my lectures, then I have done my job.

Exhibiting my art gives me the opportunity to explain my work and the stories behind the designs.  People enjoy seeing my art and hearing about how the work was created and the things that influenced it.

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