Ursala Hudson

Ursala Hudson



I am of Caucasian, Filipino and Alaska Native (Tlingit) descent. In 2016, my sister (Lily Hope) and mother (Clarissa Rizal) submerged me into the tantalizing waters of Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving. Drenched in its all-consuming power, I recently restructured my life to allow for a world that revolves around my weaving loom. I currently reside in Southwest Colorado with my partner, Chris Haas, and our two daughters, Amélie and Simone. In traditional Tlingit culture, woven regalia was commissioned by chiefs and men in upper social tiers. A dancing blanket harnesses the energy of the weaving’s imagery and materials, evoking spirits and stories when worn during the ceremony. In a time when our indigenous sovereignty is greatly challenged, with a patriarchal social structure repeatedly reinforced in both the dominant and indigenous cultures, we must find ways to reintroduce a reverence for matriarchal contributions. Adorning the powerful indigenous woman with ceremonial regalia worthy of a chief revitalizes indigenous sovereignty through renewed recognition.

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