Micheal Two Bulls

Micheal Two Bulls

Oglala Lakota


As a core member of Bad Art Studio, Mike has always believed that the true nature of art is not in the medium, but is in the artist and their subject. With this basic concept in mind, he sets out to “marry” several mediums as one and create a body of work or series by developing a music album produced and packaged entirely by Bad Art Studio.  Their efforts include not music but also visual arts, with multi-layered colors in screen printed images.

"Motivation can be found in small abstract details, to big concrete ideas. A piece of music or a painting can inspire and motivate a movement. It can spark ideas that generate dialogue amongst friend and foe. A small-shared dream or vision among peers could lead to life long friendships. I know this to be true because I am a living example of this philosophy. For example, years ago I had a small dream I shared with close friends and relatives to open a shop that would house a group of artists of various talents. Today we are close to the original vision and now we have the space and equipment where we can begin our work." - Micheal Two Bulls

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