A close up of a Native artists hands holding weaving a basket.
G. Peter Jemison (Seneca) dances onstage with others at the Native American Dance and Music Festival
A portrait of Kalani Pe'a (Native Hawaiian) standing in a natural landscape in Hawai’i
Elizabeth Jaakola
(Anishinaabe) performing at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in the We The Peoples Before stage production.
G. Peter Jemison
(Seneca) dancing on stage.

Our family of artists & culture bearers

First Peoples Fund's family of artists is comprised of hundreds of Native artists and culture bearers from across the country who practice in a variety of creative mediums. Explore the directories below.

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jennifer easton community spirit award honorees

Discover the inspiring journey of over 100 honorees who have received The Jennifer Easton Community Spirit Award. This prestigious award, named after FPF’s founder, recognizes Native artists who have dedicated their lives to selflessly sharing cultural knowledge and ancestral gifts within their communities. With grants of $25,000 each, these remarkable individuals have nurtured traditions, fostered healing, and contributed to the thriving resilience of Native communities.

A close up photograph of a star quilt

Cultural capital Fellows

Explore the Cultural Capital Fellows Directory, a showcase of devoted artists. This diverse community of Native creators, nurtured by the esteemed Cultural Capital Fellowship program, embodies the spirit of preserving traditions and nurturing shared humanity. Designed to empower Native culture bearers, this program offers invaluable support, including financial grants and professional development, to catalyze their journey in passing down ancestral knowledge. Discover their profound stories and the transformative power of cultural stewardship.

A close up photograph of a star quilt

artist in business leadership Fellows

Immerse yourself in the Artist in Business Leadership Fellows Directory, a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of Native artists. Through the Artist in Business Leadership Fellowship program, these creative individuals receive grants, technical assistance, and professional training to evolve their passion into successful businesses. Explore their stories of  entrepreneurship, where creative practices become sustainable realities.

A close up photograph of a star quilt

Explore our grants and awards